How to choose the best diving board

Although, the pools can be used to have fun or relax; there are many implements that can turn them into therapeutic spaces and, even, into sports facilities. Among the instruments most used by people who love to enjoy swimming pools, there are diving boards. Even children who use them to play and adults who use them to perfect swimming skills; it is a fact that most of the people want to have one on their pools, but there are a number of considerations that must be taken into account when purchasing one to preserve the safety of users.


  1. The length of the pool. The longer the pool is, the more gradual the transition between the fall and the swim will be. That is to say, the swimmer will have a wider perimeter if the pool is large, which will give him comfort when making the jump and entering the water. For that reason, you must know the exact measurements of the pool and contrast them with the diving board you want. It is also necessary to study the remaining distance between the trampoline and the side walls, a distance of not less than 2.50 meters is recommended in order to avoid knocks during the fall.
  2. The depth. This is one of the most important factors when deciding the characteristics that the trampoline will have and it must be analyzed considering many factors with the purpose of prevent impacts against the ground when submerging in the water.
  3. The height. Generally, an Olympic pool has a depth of 1.20 meters; however, those that will use a diving board must be approximately 2.50 meters deep if it is located one meter high in relation to the water level. This means that height and depth are directly linked. The diving board is installed on the edge of the pool and the higher it is placed, the deeper the water must be.
  4. The bottom. This point is of utmost importance since the bottom is also related to depth and, therefore, to the immersion process. There are flat floors that allow us to have the pool level and inclined bottoms that give us different degrees of depth. However, the most recommended if you plan to install a diving board are “spoon bottoms” because they guarantee maximum depth and, consequently, reduce the risks of impact.
  5. The material. There are boards made of wood or aluminum, coated with plastic, resistant to corrosion, among others. Formerly, the most common boards were those made of wood, but being a material with high sensitivity to humidity, it had a tendency to deteriorate easily and to be damaged over time, which caused an endless number of accidents. Nonetheless, with the technological evolution, aluminum, reinforced plastic or some other flexible material that allows the mobility of the diving board and reduces the risk of injury have been developed.

It should be noted that diving boards also have their cleaning methods that must be followed thoroughly to keep them in good condition. In addition, if it is installed for sporting purposes and the pool will be used constantly, the maintenance of the water, its chlorination and the cleaning of its floors and systems is also a factor to which we must pay close attention. Remember that safety must be paramount.